Set Creation Elements:


Sets will include carefully chosen crowd favorites tailored to each event. This will be done by having the perfect combination of old songs that are newly remixed, and also songs that were remixed long ago that immediately spark warm nostalgia.

Hot and New

Sets will include songs that are current, hot, and new. Behind the scenes TyTy spends countless hours updating his music library weekly. Luckily this is a hobby for him, but TyTy also understands that trendy can get old real quick, unless it stays fresh as well.


Sets will include both techniques and remixes borrowed from the best DJs in the world. While artistic originality and integrity are incredibly important, TyTy prides himself on learning from others, and with the proper permissions: using content from other talented artists. TyTy is incredibly grateful and proud that he’s had the chance to learn from the industry’s best.



Sets will be unique and different, with music gathered from all over the globe. TyTy strives to find unique sounds that haven’t always been heard by his audience. An element of each set will be to play a sampling of things the audience may have never heard, but will LOVE!